Make-up Inspiration for Valentines!

Sitting at home with pizza this Valentines? We don't care, you're still dolling yourself up for your mirror and that attractive looking pizza slice at least!

Test out some make-up you've wanted to for a while, that bright pink "Lady Gaga wouldn't even wear lipgloss" - wear it!

Or if you're going on a cute date to the cinema to watch 50 Shades of Grey (Yupp, my plans) doll yourself up with a sexy, subtle smokey-eye.

We have picked out some utterly sexy make-up looks for you to try out for Valentines day! From smokey-eyes, to purple eye-shadow with of course a matching purple lip (your underwear shouldn't be the only thing matching this Valentines deh..)

We recommend a subtle look such as a smokey eye and nude lipstick if you perhaps don't know what your plans are yet, especially nude lipstick if you're going for dinner! Nothing more unsexy than faded, patchy red lipstick right? And you can't go wrong with a nude lip if you're planning to be locking lips...

What kind of make-up look are you planning on doing for this Valentines? We would love to know! If you try out one of these looks, or want to show us a make-up look you'd go for, tag us on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ValentinesWithFashionFade
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  1. I love the subtle glowing skin and glossy lips look
    Reinventing Neesha ♥

  2. You can't go wrong with a smokey eye and nude lips :) love it! xx

    1. Thank you, nude lips is what I'm going for!xx

  3. I'm digging sheer foundation and simple makeup at the moment! Now if only I could get my skin as nice as theirs!

    70's style inspiration and Harry Styles head scarf inspiration! X

    1. I agree, simply make-up just looks so pretty and effortless!x



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