Blogger Style Decoding: The Little Magpie

Ever wonder how they do it? How fashion bloggers put together outfit after outfit that just look perfect to you? Well in this new series we want to take a closer look at what our favourite fashion bloggers are wearing and pick up on some of their style habits and formulas for dressing. First up we have the gorgeous Amy from The Little Magpie.

It's pretty clear Amy loves herself some high-waisted trousers, and we don't blame her. This silhouette is super flattering and trousers instantly adds something more sophisticated to the look.

On days when you just don't know what to wear, this outfit is perfect. The black jeans / black tee / leather jacket combination is very cool and chic. Then the statement shoes adds some personality into the outfit and makes you look like you made much more effort than you actually did!

When it comes to winter dressing, every fashion gal needs to know how to layer! Whether you're adding a thinner coat under your jacket for warmth, a shirt around your waist for colour or a chunky scarf for a real statement, there is always a way to switch up your look with layers.

As for A/W essentials, not much beats a good pair of denim jeans and some pretty stylish ankle boots! This combo can go with so much from your basic staples to statement jackets. 

Do you tend to have outfit combinations that you fall back on?


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